Mala Lamjana - Ugljan, Kali

Apartmani Juric

Mala Lamjana Bay

The old town of Kali is located on the northeast side of the coast, aproximately 5 kilometers from Zadar. On the south coast there are two deeply incised bays - Vela and Mala Lamjana, which is also called the Mala Lamjana Beach.

There are sand, gravel and flat spots surrounded by pine forest. In the middle of the beach there is a small restaurant with good coffee, grill, pizza and ice cream - everything you need when you're on vacation. There is also a beach volleyball court nearby. When the grown ups aren't playing, the little ones enjoy with bunch of their equipment: buckets, balls, rakes...

Slightly hilly bay, beautiful Mediterranean plants, olive groves, dry stone walls and macchia interspersed with numerous bike and hiking trails give this bay a special atmosphere where all lovers of nature, intimacy and family gatherings will enjoy.

Apartmani Juric - Kali

About Kali

Kali is surrounded with one of the largest places on the Ugljan island, Preko in the north, which is connected to Zadar by ferry, and Kukljica in the south.

Kali is the place of the most famous fishermen on the Adriatic, who specialize in growing tuna and blue fish in general. In addition to fishing, mariculture and the growing service sector, especially the tourism sector and trade, make Kali an attractive small town with lots of urban facilities.

During the tourist season, Kali's fishermen organize Kali Fishermen's Night every year - a fishing festival, specific for the parade of fishing boats in the Zadar channel according to the model "Come, enjoy, you are all invited! We invite you and we treat you with a good traditional Kali cuisine and sea food specials ". Kali Fish Festival and many other arts and music events are among main turist attractions on the island.